shutterstock_200194733Pre-finished’floating’ floors are generally called Kahrs wood flooring. The blot and finish are applied from the factory itself. These Kahrs wood floors, which have a timber lock joint system, provide users with advanced quality choices rather than traditional wooden floors. It is easier to put in these floors since they are bound to each other . And since these are pre-finished, they do not require sanding after installation.

The timber cleaner employed for Kahrs is basically non-toxic and totally transparent. It’s secure with regards to children and pets. Most of the issues of Kahrs wood flooring are easy to prevent if proper maintenance and care is taken.

• To stop dents and scratches, put felt floor protectors on the bottom of the chair legs and other home furniture.

• Avoid dragging heavy furniture or objects across the floor. Slide the heavy things with the support of sliders.

• Put a superior door mat at the door of your house to help shield the floor from needless clean–up tasks.

• Preserve normal interior humidity levels. Wood floors generally require 45–60% of relative humidity.

Use clean and care products suggested by producers.

• Avoid using vinegar, steel wool, soap, detergents, ammonium based cleansers or oil additives on the floor.

• By no means should you pour water or other fluids directly on the floor.

• Keep razor-sharp objects off your flooring.

However cautiously you care for your floor, mishaps do happen. Kahrs has designed simple –to–use kits so that you can make any minor repairs yourself.

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