The largest question still holds true in most people’s minds when they consider cork flooring. Can a sheet of cork really last as long on the ground? The answer is yes. Your Engineered hardwood flooring is at least as durable as other floors options. Some cork floorings, like Ipocork from Amorim, are finished with up to 6 layers of use resistant technology.

Not only is it highly durable, cork has been proven to be an excellent insulator for heat, sound and moisture. Cork bark is made up of a tiny sealed cellular structure, which contains 90% atmosphere. With about 40 million of these cells per cubic centimeter, they provide resiliency and insulating material. As you can imagine, cork can be compacted and quickly returns to its original shape, making it a remarkably forgiving flooring material.

The relaxation of cork shouldn’t be overlooked. The air trapped in the arrangement of cork floor provides excellent support for your feet, making it an perfect product for rooms where you spend the most time in. Cork includes a natural substance called Suberin, which repels insects, mold and is even flame resistant. Not to worry however, Suberin is totally safe for children and animals.

It would not do it justice to discuss cork without speaking about all the environmental advantages that come along with this green item. The reason cork is known as an eco friendly flooring is because it is an extremely renewable resource. Cork oak trees do not need to get savaged to harvest the cork from them. The tree bark is removed, leaving the rest of the tree completely intact.

The bark from cork oak trees could be harvested each 9-12 years for a total of more than 20 times throughout its normal lifespan. Most cork comes from the Mediterranean, especially Portugal, which provides over 70 percent of their cork production on the planet. After the bark is harvested and ground up, it is bound with a non-toxic resin and baked in large sheets and distinct patterns. This procedure generates the pure beauty we see in our cork flooring .

All these benefits must cost a lot of money, right? Fortunately, that is not the situation. Cork, being a renewable resource, is relatively affordable. As of 2011, the normal cost for cork flooring is less than most hardwood species and similar to bamboo.

Cork floors comes in adhesive down or floating. Glue down installation results in lower material costs but higher installation costs. Where as the more common form, floating installation results in lower above all costs and is easier to install. As a result, most cork comes in a click and lock floor system, which makes it perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. If you were to employ an installer, then hours are typically shortened as a result of the brief preparation time.

Another massive benefit of owning a click and lock system floating flooring is the capability to replace specific pieces without damaging the surrounding area. Dishwasher flooding aren’t something everyone can prepare for but the harm simply doesn’t seem as intense when it’s an issue of replacing several pieces.

Now that you understand what all the hype is about, Exceptional Wood Floors hopes you are going to keep cork in mind for the next project.


Top 10 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

From maintenance to cash, there is a lot of support behind hardwood flooring being the ideal flooring for you. At Surrey Floor Sanding , we have ten excellent reasons why hardwood floors is going to be the best decision you make all year.

1.Easy to Clean: Hardwood floors is incredibly easy to clean with just a broom and dustpan for typical weekly messes! Regular mopping removes dirt or mud tracked within the home, but for the most part hardwood floors do not attract enough dirt to justify heavy cleaning.
2.Easy to Keep: Hardwood flooring can last for decades if properly maintained. All you need are wood cleaning spray, floor polish, along with a mop especially designed for wood flooring.
3.Hygienic: Unlike carpeting, which may trap allergens, dust mites, and grime, hardwood floors are unexpectedly hygienic. In case you have pets in your home, it’s wise to consider flooring that won’t trap dander between the fibers.
4.Long Lasting: Hardwood floors last longer than carpeting, tile, and vinyl. Some homes still have beautiful hardwood flooring that are over a hundred years old!
5.Refinished vs Replaced: If your hardwood flooring does begin to find some wear and tear, then you can always refinish it. This is much less costly than replacing the floor, which you have to do every couple of years with carpeting.

6.High Quality: Hardwood flooring looks elegant and luxury no matter your house. Also, houses with hardwood floors normally sell faster than those with other types of floors because of the top quality look.
7.Aesthetically Pleasing: Unlike carpeting and tile which could go out of fashion (remember orange shag carpets?) , hardwood floors are timeless. They’re aesthetically pleasing regardless of the decade, and will no doubt maintain future design trends for the next hundred years.
8.Warmth: A mild hardwood floor can brighten a room tremendously and can be warmer than vinyl in those cold winter months. Darker floors pair well with white furniture for a sleek, contemporary look that also feels comfortable and inviting.
9.Cost Effective: Hardwood flooring are remarkably economical. Since they are longer lasting, you spend less money over time maintaining the flooring than you’d with others such as tile or carpeting. They also cut costs in only about every other area, from cleanup to replacing!
19.Unlimited Options: With the range of available colours, remedies, and types of wood, there are almost unlimited options for your next hardwood floor.
At Surrey Floor Sanding , we are excited to assist you cheer on Team Hardwood!


bamboo-flooring-floor-depot-San-antonio-trends–If you have been researching hardwood flooring alternatives, no doubt you have come across lots of articles that sing the praises of bamboo as a tremendously eco friendly material. All these are generally correct, but not necessarily so.

Bamboo is regarded as an eco-friendly option

Since bamboo flooring is technically a bud. Therefore, it regenerates in three to five decades, far faster than typical wood. Horticulturists also feel that the harvesting bamboo can actually help improve growing conditions — considerably as cautiously engineered, selective timber harvesting aids a forest grow. By removing old bamboo, more sun is permitted to reach the younger crops, helping stimulate and nurture the shoots.

Bamboo also has indirect ecological benefits.

When you put in a hardwood floor, you do not have to clean your floors as harshly or as regularly as you might if you install carpets. You can clean a bamboo floor with just a dry mop or broom; whereas you might require a more dramatic and potentially environmentally friendly cleaning regimen if you go for carpeting.

Bamboo can also persist for a very long time — 30 years or longer.

Based upon the building job and care provided — and thus homeowners do not have to replace or refinish floors as often as they could otherwise. Whenever you can avoid doing important building, you save on environmental expenses, including labour, machinery, pollutionand debris generated, etc..

Are you interested in bamboo floors?

If so, visit the Surrey Area hardwood flooring experts at Floor Sanding Surrey to introduce you to powerful choices to beautify, remodel, and wash your home, flat, or business.We offer new flooring installments, dust-free refinishing, no sanding processes, and free inspections and estimates.

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What Are the Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring?

Is Wide Plank Flooring the Right Choice for Your House?clara-playing

Get the most out of your next big home improvement project. Among the very exciting things about hardwood flooring is just how varied and diverse it is. There are options to match any homeowner no matter how you want the floor to appear and perform or how much you need to spend. This means you should carefully look at each the choices available to you before committing to one. Today, learn about the exceptional benefits of wide plank flooring.

Benefit #1: Variety

Wide plank floors is just any type of hardwood flooring board that is wider than about 3 inches. Considering that the definition is so extensive, virtually every form of hardwood floor board is available in a wide plank variety. Your job is not limited by the type of wood, color, finish, or composition that you want to use.

Benefit #2: Cost

Regardless of what your home improvement budget is there is an affordable wide plank flooring option for you. The planks can be found as both low-cost engineered wood, and premium hardwood. You can elect to save money and handle a bigger project, or throw cost to the end and give your home a true luxury feel.

Benefit #3: Utility

As we mentioned previously, wide plank floors is available in engineered timber types. These look just like natural hardwood but offer numerous performance advantages. Most notably, they are essentially waterproof and won’t weather or twist after regular or prolonged exposure . This means you can safely put wide plank floors in a bathroom or kitchen, not worry about damage.

Benefit #4: Setup

Want your flooring project to be finished fast? Since every broad board takes more room than a thinner choice, it is a lot faster and easier to install. You spend less time with your home in a torn up state and get to enjoy the look and feel of this new flooring sooner.

Benefit #5: Feel

Hardwood flooring includes a subtle but significant influence on the entire feel of a room. Generally, the fewer cracks and creases you will find in the floor the bigger the whole area will feel. If your home is cramped for space, consider wide plank hardwood to instantly open up any space and create a welcoming feeling over any other flooring substitute.

The dynamic, unpredictable, wildly natural appearance of wood is what gives it its enduring appeal. Wide plank hardwood utilizes a bigger section of the wood, which means that you see more of the knots, grains, swirls, and colour variants than you’d with thinner boards. If you love the one-of-a-kind character of wood, this is the very best approach to highlight it.

Benefit #6: Beauty

The energetic, unpredictable, exceptionally natural appearance of wood is what gives it its enduring appeal. Wide plank hardwood utilizes a larger part of the timber, meaning that you see more of these knots, grains, swirls, and color variations than you would with thinner boards. If you adore the one-of-a-kind character of wood, this is the very best approach to highlight it.

Reap the Benefits in Surrey Floor Sanding

We can write more about the advantages of wide plank flooring, but we could write very little about the disadvantages. That is because there really are not any, and wide plank flooring is an option in any space on any funding. You will find a lot of sizes and styles at Surrey Floor Sanding, together with the expert assistance you want to create the best option. If your floors are on your mind, take advantage of special discounts available for a limited time only.

White Washed Timber Flooring Options

10357231_536652789769886_5316558112739724134_nWhite engineered wood flooring was ‘in fashion’ for a verylong time. Insert it into a cutting-edge design-led inside or blend it with understated chic, regardless of what the season, you will feel as in the event that you’ve been swept off into some sun-kissed island in a distant corner of this world whenever you make this selection. However, what forms of white engineered wood floors are available and where could they function best?

This Organic Engineered Oak Brushed White UV Oiled wood flooring is excellent for just about any space in the house. Having a depth of 14/3, it’s also acceptable for use over under floor heatingsystem. As any regular reader of the site will understand, in Wood and outside we are huge fans of engineered wood flooring since it seems exactly like the real thing but includes a whole slew of benefits it up sleeve which makes it in several ways more versatile than solid wood flooring. By way of instance, you may use it with confidence in kitchens and baths in which the requirements will normally play havoc with solid hardwood floors. This specific white engineered wood floor is especially attractive for rooms that get a good deal of natural lighting and fans of a pure appearance.

When a UV filter is not a priority for you, then this Prime Engineered Oak wood floor that has been white and brushed oiled is top of the stove but with a budget price tag. It’s a very warm feel to it although it is white and would look magnificent in just about any room. But our special favourite location for this particular flooring is a sofa or a bedroom. Deck out them with muted colors of soft furnishings and light colored wood — heavenly! Believe old, solid wood furniture that has been bothered with an aging paint impact and you’re going to begin to actually have an notion about what we need in mind. All that said, this floor is indeed very versatile you might choose it to get your smallest or the largest room in the house with confidence. Actually, we have even had customers who were courageous enough to decide on this choice to run through their whole house; and the result was magnificent!

If you’d like a slightly darker feel to your space whilst still appreciating the white engineered wood flooring seem, you may prefer this Select Engineered Oak Fired wood floor that has been painted and whitened oiled. While still providing you with the beach-kissed texture, this floor adds real depth to any room. Having an almost zebra impact into the grain, this wood floors will compliment any kind of inside from formal, to exceptionally laid back. If you opt for this option, add lighting to your area, give some consideration to your own wall colors and if at all possible, keep them airy and light so that the flooring is put off to the max and also you do not lose the sensation of quantity on your inside.

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum, even if everything you’re seeking is a white, white engineered wood floor, you can not fail with this Prime Engineered Oak wood flooring in what is named London White. Though this floors has a marginally higher price tag compared to others, it really is the Rolls Royce of white engineered wood flooring and will appear just stunning wherever you decide to match it, or really what you decide to place with this. Think about this as the equal of the Little Black Dress that girls speak about so frequently — it is an investment bit!

If you would like help to pick the ideal white washed wood flooring to your inside, why don’t you get in contact? We would really like to assist you sniff out the ideal answer for the look you need and your budget.


shutterstock_642475801We’ve got countless years of experience, across all sorts of wood, making us the best local choice for your classic wooden floor.

In this blog posting, we discuss how our renovation and sanding service can transform your flooring!


Floor sanding is much more complex task than you may think, it requires careful planning and skill to restore your hardwood flooring into its former glory. Our trained experts have worked on hundreds of floors in a huge range of residential, leisure and commercial premises, and will take some time to provide a superb service with high attention to detail.

After we’ve determined your hardwood flooring species and state that a grit sequence and quantity is chosen (at least 4 different grits are used( ranging form 16 to 150 grit), we’ll begin to transform your flooring to its former all-natural beauty. Most of our customers are amazed at just how much difference re-sanding a floor can create, the picture below indicates the difference you can expect to see, and it is only the first overhaul of the first grit!

We take great pride in all our sanding job, with our reputation is based on our attention to detail and high quality of work.


Our hardwood floor renovation service can transform even the most failed flooring to their former beauty. Our specialist team will examine each portion of your floor, re-fixing or replacing any that are loose or damaged. We’ll then remove old fashioned and nails, whilst firming down some fixing nails which are protruding.

Our wide array of hardwood and hardwood flooring mean that we can replace damaged boards beyond minor fix, with fitting wood of the same quality and age where possible.
We’ll subsequently re-sand your repaired floor to a smooth, ripple and cut free finish, before applying the protection coats of Bona Kemi lacquer or Fiddes hardwax oil to complete its transformation into a finish.

To learn more about how Just Wood may re-sand or fully renovate your aging hardwood flooring, contact us today for a free consultation, and also to take a look at our extensive portfolio!

We provide competitive rates, and all our customers are completely pleased with the work we create.


hardwood-flooring-InsuranceClaimBannerFlooring design is a matter of careful planning and crafty execution. There are quite a few choices and options when it comes to flooring. It simply depends on your unique tastes. If you are more of a modern person and only need to have regular tile or marble floors, then this is the choice you should take. However the issue with tiles or marble flooring is they need to be of a lighter color and have to be cleaned regularly. But besides carpets, what are the other choices?

Wooden flooring is the Correct choice

Wooden flooring is the kind of flooring option which goes with almost every style of décor that there is. Wooden flooring appears tasteful and gives your house a homely feel. When it’s the colour scheme of your home that you’re concerned about then you will find wooden flooring options and varieties which could add to, rather than take away from the overall look of your dwelling.

An added benefit to wooden flooring as mentioned previously is that there’s absolutely no problem in maintaining and cleaning hardwood flooring. There will be no odour, no smell involved and definitely no instances of dust accumulation that’s very common with carpets. Each plank in wooden flooring is different which lends a sense of uniqueness to your home floors and provides a dimension of sheen and class to your home’s complete identity.



shutterstock_200194733Pre-finished’floating’ floors are generally called Kahrs wood flooring. The blot and finish are applied from the factory itself. These Kahrs wood floors, which have a timber lock joint system, provide users with advanced quality choices rather than traditional wooden floors. It is easier to put in these floors since they are bound to each other . And since these are pre-finished, they do not require sanding after installation.

The timber cleaner employed for Kahrs is basically non-toxic and totally transparent. It’s secure with regards to children and pets. Most of the issues of Kahrs wood flooring are easy to prevent if proper maintenance and care is taken.

• To stop dents and scratches, put felt floor protectors on the bottom of the chair legs and other home furniture.

• Avoid dragging heavy furniture or objects across the floor. Slide the heavy things with the support of sliders.

• Put a superior door mat at the door of your house to help shield the floor from needless clean–up tasks.

• Preserve normal interior humidity levels. Wood floors generally require 45–60% of relative humidity.

Use clean and care products suggested by producers.

• Avoid using vinegar, steel wool, soap, detergents, ammonium based cleansers or oil additives on the floor.

• By no means should you pour water or other fluids directly on the floor.

• Keep razor-sharp objects off your flooring.

However cautiously you care for your floor, mishaps do happen. Kahrs has designed simple –to–use kits so that you can make any minor repairs yourself.


hardwood-flooring-types-woodexotic-hardwood-flooring-kinds-soluspace-wyxfvdpnHardwood flooring is a fantastic alternative to getting carpets in your home. Not only are they extremely practical once you’ve got a busy family and home life as well as being easy to maintain and keep clean.

Many men and women are choosing to have hardwood flooring in their homes because it can be so easy to have it laid in your house when you call from the expert. There are expert hardwood flooring layers who will know precisely how to put hardwood floors down in the area that you have chosen.

You will first need to choose which type of hardwood floor you would like. You may select from a number of different kinds of wood such as oak, walnut, walnut and ash wood. Every kind of wood has its own qualities and they’re each a different shade. You’ll need to choose which one compliments your current décor and whether or not it is difficult enough to deal with your day to day living.

Your specialist may give you advice if you are struggling to make a choice and they will also have samples of timber so that you can see if in your property.


251025_10152157040670271_1185176398_nMany homeowners have extremely high expectations in regards to their floors, and for most, rugs that seem dated and which can be difficult and time-consuming to look after just won’t do, and instead they are looking to make the flooring in their home one of the most gorgeous aspects of decoration by investing in hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors is a remarkably popular alternative for individuals for whom the very best will do, and for those searching for the ideal mix of beauty and functionality.

There are many distinct types of flooring available that can cater to the many needs of homeowners, with Merbau floors being an exceptionally popular choice with those searching for the perfect mix of beauty and durability.

Merbau flooring is one of the toughest sporting types of flooring available, and this makes it ideal for those living in homes with high levels of traffic.

Merbau flooring includes exquisite yellow flecking, and this provides the flooring a look similar to the glistening of gold- and this will make sure your new flooring serves as a stunning addition to home decor.

Therefore, for flooring that literally glistens with beauty, select Merbau flooring.